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About us

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About us

We are a small charity set up to support young people in Derby.

Our values underpin everything we do and every decision we make, and are also based on Jamie’s outlook on life:

  • Celebrate and enjoy life
  • Strive and thrive
  • Respect the individual and treat people with kindness
  • Promote inclusivity
  • Take care of self and the environment
  • Being a good citizen

Jamie’s Story

Lorna Simpson the mother of Jamie Simpson set up the charity in memory of her beloved son.
Following the devastation of Jamie’s death, she hopes to honour his memory by supporting young people to make positive life choices.

Jamie was born on the 7th January 1975 in Derby City Hospital. He grew into a delightful and loving child. He was a free spirit, who loved music, dancing, and travelling. He was a sociable person, loved meeting new people, and had a wide range of friends from various backgrounds.

Jamie moved to Birmingham for a few years in his early 20s before settling in London. The diversity and vibrancy of London suited his personality; he viewed it as a place that offered so many opportunities.

On the 22nd of March 2008, Jamie’s life came to a dramatic and devastating end. The Matalan Store where Jamie worked in Dalston Hackney was targeted by three young men; he was fatally attacked during the robbery.

As a teenager, Jamie wanted to be a youth worker but was unable to pursue this at the time. His untimely death ended his dreams and goals for the future. The charity aims to fulfil some of his ambitions and provide a lasting legacy in his memory.

We aim to inspire children and young people from a variety of backgrounds to reach their untapped potential.

To create a future where the possibilities and opportunities for them are similar regardless of where they are from.

Through our programmes, we will create opportunities for young people to develop into mature and responsible young adults who can play a role within their communities and wider society.

Our Jamie